Six Sigma Study Shows 300% Increase in Rod Pump Life with FARR Plunger

In January 2013 a prominent Kern County Oil Company completed a Six Sigma Study of the FARR Plunger.  The study found that the FARR Plunger increased run times 300% in their oil wells equipped with FARR Plungers.

During the study the FARR Plunger had a less than 50% failure rate.  This fact alone is unprecedented considering the fact that these wells were failing in 90 days or less prior to installation of FARR Plungers.

With the six sigma study the median run life is determined once there is a 50% failure rate.  Because the FARR Plunger has not met the failure rate the median run time using the FARR Plunger is more than 700 days. 

All of these wells had high concentrations of sand and high failure rates due to sand.  This study compared the FARR Plunger to other “Sand Pumps” (Sand Pro, 3 Tube, -10 Conventional, Sand Flush, Stroke Thru, Evac, etc.) The FARR Plunger out preformed them all.

The oil company in this case wishes to remain anonymous.  Using the FARR Plunger has allowed them to lower their OPEX which allows them to outbid their competitors to acquire additional property to produce.

The FARR Plunger is perfect for wells that produce sand or any solids!

 Increased pump life 300%-600%

Reduce Environmental Spill Incidents

 Increased Production Efficiency

Increased Production & Profits

Cut Well Pulling Cost by 50%

Sticking Plungers Eliminated

Saves Energy

See how the FARR Plunger compares to a conventional plunger FARR vs. Conventional.

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