SPE Meeting August 20th Santa Maria Section




Santa Maria Country Club

505 W. Waller Lane

Santa Maria, CA 93455


August 20th

Cost: $25.00


Artificial Lift Solution that cuts well pulling, reduce health, safety & environmental incidents

Speaker: Garold Muth, Muth Pump LLC

Abstract: Many wells around the world produce various forms of solids, commonly known as sand. These solids whether formation sand, frac sand, and even flour sand can accelerate wear of the down hole pump and can also cause the plunger to stick in the pump barrel. This problem has prevailed for hundreds of years especially from the shallow unconsolidated reservoirs such as we have here in the San Joaquin Valley.

These problems will result in frequent pulling jobs and expensive pump repairs. Traditionally, this problem has been approached by loosening up the clearance (fit) between the plunger and the pump barrel. This has kept the plunger from sticking in the barrel but does not address pump wear and creates other problems such as lower pump efficiency and lost production due to down time.

Pumps equipped with a Farr plunger will eliminate all of these problems and allow the down hole pump to stay in the ground on average of three to five times longer. In just the last 5 years, over 20,000 Farr plungers have been placed in wells around the world in 10 different countries. These countries are Germany, Mexico, Canada, Trinidad W.I., Columbia, Argentina, Kuwait, Indonesia, Romania, and Venezuela. We will show you the unique design, explain the science & technology, look at some case studies from around the world and in California. We will even share a Six Sigma Study done by a Prominent Oil Company in California showing a 300% increase in downhole pump run life. You will also come to understand how a simple thing as a pump plunger can reduce well pulling; reduce health, safety & environmental incidents. This is what the meeting is all about.

Biography: Garold Muth is president of Muth Pump LLC. Garold has 47 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas industry. The first 35 years he worked for 4 major oil companies (Texaco, Shell, Mobil & Gulf Oil) and 3 independent oil companies. Most of those 35 years he held the titles of drilling foreman, production foreman and production superintendent.

For the last 15 years Garold has headed up his own company, which specializes in downhole rod pumping technologies. His company holds several patents in the US, Canada, Venezuela and Indonesia. The most famous and successful of his inventions is the “Farr” plunger which is manufactured here in Bakersfield and is being marketed in 17 states and 10 countries.

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If you cannot attend take a couple of minutes to see how a FARR Plunger works compared to a conventional plunger here Farr VS API.