Muth Pump Joins the Artificial Lift R&D Council (ALRDC)

Muth Pump is proud to announce that we are members of the Artificial Lift Research and Development Council.   

The Artificial Lift Research and Development Council’s (ALRDC) function is to share information between and among artificial lift users, suppliers, researchers, and consultants around the world.  They also promote research and development for improved artificial lift business and practice.  They accomplish this by helping sponsor artificial lift workshops, courses, forums, seminars, and by sharing best practices, case histories, calendars of artificial lift events, and other pertinent information. 

It is our goal to help everyone in the world involved in the oil and gas industry who are looking for better ways to recover the earth’s natural energy resources especially when sand or solids are present.  The FARR Plunger is a replacement plunger for standard API rod pump barrels that you can get from your current pump supplier. 

We will be posting some studies and other information with the ALRDC soon.  Visit their website to learn more about studies and upcoming events.  http://www.alrdc.com/catalogs/index.htm

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