Chevron Study Shows Farr Plunger Outperforms

Abstract Submitted for APOGCE 2011

Extending Downhole Pump Run Life using Ingenuity Innovation and New Technology Lead to Reduced OPEX and Increased Revenue in the Duri Steam Flood (DSF), Indonesia.


In DSF, > 700 Pump Stuck (PS) jobs are performed each year which primarily caused by sand production. Annual total cost of this routine service work is multimillion dollar. In addition, with average of 3 days downtime/PS job, there is over 2,100 days of lost production associated with downtime. With currently over 5,000 active producer wells, identifying artificial lift SRP alternatives that can improve run life and reduce number of PS jobs performed would result in lower OPEX (*Operating Expense) (less PS jobs), higher production (reduced downtime), and lower risk of HES (*Health, Environment, Safety) incidents (less rig work).

Three viable options were identified for a field trial after soliciting ideas and opinions from Service Suppliers, MSS (*Maintenance Supports & Services) Team, and Chevron Global Network to overcome these pump stuck issue:

  • 0.015″ fit Tubing Pump
  • Stroke-Thru Pump
  • 0.002″ fit FARR Plunger

The 2008-2009 PMT (*Production Management Team) HOOU (*Heavy Oil Operation Unit) Artificial Lift Lean Sigma confirmed that these artificial lift options had a longer run life than the standard 0.010″ fit pump. Average run life was increased by 93 days, and 70% of the time produced a longer run life. During 12 months trial period, there was an average reduction of 12 PS jobs/month compared to baseline data.

Since the 0.002″ fit FARR Plunger had encouraging results in low wellhead temperature wells, there was initiative to evaluate it in higher temperature by modifying the pump fit to 0.005″ considering thermal expansion. In 2010, 15 units of 0.005″ fit FARR plungers were tested, replacing either a Stroke-Thru or 0.015″ Fit Pump that had failed. The results were encouraging and indicated that the 0.005″ FARR Plunger exceeded the run life of the previous pump 71% of the time with additional incremental run life of 44 days.


Aan Akhmad Prayoga

Petroleum Engineer

PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia

*Note:  Added text and highlights  for clarification purposes.


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