Aera Energy in Bakersfield, California contacted Muth Pump and asked to see a live demonstration of the FARR  Plunger.  On Wednesday December 9, 2009, Muth Pump took their exhibit trailer to Aera Energy at The Oaks in Bakersfield, California and gave a live demonstration/presentation on how the FARR  Plunger works.  There were several Area Engineers from the Midway/Sunset area on hand to see the live demonstration.  As the Engineers gathered around the exhibit trailer and watched the FARR  Plunger pumping sand and oil in a plastic tube they were quickly impressed at the ability of the FARR  Plunger to pump sand in such a delicate setting.  Word quickly spread through Area’s office and Engineers from Belridge and other areas also came out to see the demonstration. 

Garold Muth, (inventor of the FARR  Plunger), and David Muth were on hand to answer questions provide information about the FARR  Plunger.  Most of the Engineers could see the benefits and indicated they had several applications for the FARR  Plunger in the Kern County area.  Just a few days after the demonstration the orders for FARR  Plungers began coming in.

If you would like us to come to your company for a Presentation and Demonstration of the FARR  plunger call (661) 588-8700 or e-mail garold@muthpump.com to set up an appointment.    

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