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Bakersfield, California based Muth Pump LLC has launched a new marketing program to generate new business and show oil companies how they can Increase Production and Drastically Cut Well Pulling Costs.  Since Muth Pump began attending trade shows with their portable pumping unit, the response has been overwhelming by oil companies and pump shops to try FARR Plungers.  After seeing the plunger pumping sand in a plastic tube they can clearly see how it works and how it can benefit their company.  After trying the FARR Plunger most companies continue to use them because they work and save money. 

 Since trade shows are sometimes few and far between and can be very expensive to attend we decided to design a trailer that would allow us to take our show mobile.  We can take this trailer with our pumping unit & video display to local oil companies to show them first hand how the FARR Plunger works and how it can save them money and increase production.  Most trade shows use to take us 2-3 hours to set up.  With this display trailer set up only takes about 20 minutes. 

 If you would like us to come to your company for a Presentation and Demonstration of the FARR plunger call (661) 588-8700 or e-mail garold@muthpump.com to set up an appointment.    

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    we also pump sand pal!
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