Oilwell Sand Problems? Farr Plungers VS API Plungers

Are your plungers getting stuck in the pump barrel becuase of sand and solids? The Farr Plunger has a unique design that allows it to keep sand and solids in solution and not between the plunger and pump barrel.  farr-plunger_03


Notice how the solids on the API pump are channeled outward into the gap between the plunger connector and the pump barrel wall. This will cause the API plunger to stick in the barrel. In comparison, notice how the solids in the “Farr” pump is funneled inward, keeping solids in solution at all times, thus not letting them between the plunger and barrel wall.  The Farr plunger in a down hole pump will allow the pump to stay in the ground 3 to 6 times longer than an API plunger. 



To see the Farr Plunger in action click this link  Farr Video


David Muth

Vice President

Muth Pump LLC

Bakersfield, California


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    David, when did you do this? talk to me.

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    I did this when you were not looking!

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